3 popular beliefs that hold you back from breakaway success

Angie Lyngso
3 popular beliefs that hold you back from breakaway success3 popular beliefs that hold you back from breakaway success

A week of missed workouts or a few "bad" meals ruins the plan.

It’s easy to get discouraged if you miss your morning workout. Or finish the night with an unplanned slice of cake.

The discouragement might lead to a second missed workout. Then a third. (Ditto for an extra slice of cake.)

Several days of this, and it's tempting to throw your arms up and claim, "I ruined the program!" The truth is, a bad week happens to EVERYONE. Only unrealistic diets or drill sergeant coaches would say you failed a plan after a rough patch. Avoid anything that lets you believe a tough period equals failure. It doesn’t.

If your body doesn’t improve from a lot of workouts, it’s YOUR fault.

Nope! There’s any number of reasons why, despite putting in a lot of effort into your workouts, you didn’t see the physique changes you hoped. For example:

  1. The recommended weights were too light.
  2. Cardio doesn’t always have the fat loss or muscle toning effects we want it to have.

Either could have been the culprit. Bottom line: if you put in consistent effort and didn’t see positive changes, it’s not your fault. You just needed a better approach. One that a solid coach with a proven track record can provide.

To achieve your best body, you must make MAJOR changes in your life.

This all-or-none mentality often rears its ugly head when people want to improve their body or health. This belief makes wild claims like “The only way to drop a pant size is to workout five days per week, two hours a day, and NEVER miss a meal on the Whole 30 or Keto diet.”

Nah. That’s a tempting mindset to fall into, but eventually, the stress of it will cause you to want to break free-and then nothing is achieved. Focus instead on small changes. Do them consistently. It keeps your peace of mind and still lets you have fantastic results


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