not another resolution post

Paul Lyngso
not another resolution postnot another resolution post

You know why goals don’t work?

Because they leave us uninspired.

They’re external, arbitrary.

So this time next year, we’re feeling the exact same way.

Where did the time go?

This was supposed to be the year that I lost that 20lbs, ran that marathon, (insert random, generic goal here________)

Goals without a bigger Vision are really useless metrics.

You can collect goals all you want and still feel empty.

Or, you can set goals all you want and abandon them before they come to fruition.

That’s why I don’t start with “lose 20lbs” anymore.

The very first, and most foundational pillar I use when working with clients is Vision- we look inside at what we want, REALLY want. Or maybe more accurately…we dig in to WHO we want to become.

We look at what inspires us, we look at WHY it is so important to for us to live our lives in a way that is authentic, inspired and powerful.

Because only once we tap into that Desire, can we begin to formulate a strategy that we’re excited about…that works for US.

And once we have that strategy- a strategy built around OUR life, our purpose, can we have clarity.

Only then can we understand what is next on OUR path.

Once we have the Vision, and the Strategy, the other two pillars are a matter of logistics.

We give you the Skills necessary to implement the Strategy, and we give you the Support along the way to ensure that the Strategy remains dynamic to keep up with your ever changing life.

Goals are neither the starting point or the Finish line.

Establish a Vision

Create a Strategy to bring the Vision into Reality

Learn the Skills needed to implement that Strategy

Enlist Support to help you along the way.

Goals are merely mile markers along an endless journey.

If this resonates with you, and you’re ready to implement this strategy in your life…shoot me an email-

I’ll ask you a few questions to see if you’d be a good fit for our 12 Week Anti Diet program. Then if it’s something you want to move forward on- we can show you the next steps.

Much Love,


PS- if you want to hear more about our approach- I’d recommend giving this episode of our podcast a listen- it outlines the Strategy and Skill portion pretty well. By listening, you’ll get a much better feel for what we’re all about.


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