(Part 1) 3 Questions For CRYSTAL CLEAR Expectations

Paul Lyngso
(Part 1) 3 Questions For CRYSTAL CLEAR Expectations(Part 1) 3 Questions For CRYSTAL CLEAR Expectations

I’ve seen my fair share of frustration over the years-

both with my own workouts, and then of course when writing workouts for clients.

Frustration almost always comes down to unclear expectations.

Which is why I am CONSTANTLY asking these three questions.

Asking these questions will save you A LOT of frustration, and keep you crystal clear on if your actions are aligning with your desired outcome.

Today, we tackle the first of these three questions- the foundational question:

What do you want?

REALLY, TRULY what do you want? There’s kind of a continuum in exercise- the more specific your goal- the more simple and kind of boring your workout plan will be.

The more Entertaining your workout, the less likely it is to lead to a specific outcome.

Frustration comes in one of two ways:

I make the workout really straight forward. This is me. This is how I train. I simply can’t fathom working out and spending time and effort without moving in the most direct way possible toward an outcome.

The problem is…some people get REALLY bored with this. They actually don’t care if they get any stronger, or more athletic, or if they look any better

Working out to them is fun, it’s stress relief. They want beat down workouts.

So- if we can answer this question up front- do you want a specific result or do you want fun- we can avoid this frustration.

Honestly, though- it’s the other end of the spectrum where I’ve seen more frustration.

It’s people saying they just want a fun, hard workout- ya know- burn some calories, get a sweat going- I don’t care if I’m the most fit person around. I’m happy with how I look and all that.

And so- I’ve give them non-specific workouts that - ya know- burn some calories, get them sweating. That’s actually really easy to do.

Any idiot can write a “hard workout.”

But then of course- there’s always a desire for more. There’s a desire to let that inner bad ass wreak havoc on this world. Get strong as all hell…look like Thor or Wonder Woman…

And they get frustrated because rather than training for world domination- to be strong, resilient and looking like a bad ass- we end up doing mountain climbers “to get our heart rate up.”

In my opinion, there is NO WORSE FRUSTRATION than being on a path to nowhere because we’re afraid to admit what we want.

Because we’re embarrassed to share the desires of our hearts.

Look, you’re not selfish for wanting to be the Hero in your own movie.

In fact, the world needs more Heroes.

The more that you go forth and kick ass- the more you give permission for others around you to do the same.

You show others what’s possible.

And you set a positive example.

Being a bad ass- in the gym, at work, as a parent, at LIFE- is quite simply the most significant Duty we can take on in this world.

So- get clear on what you want. And don’t play it down for anyone.

Much Love,



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