(Part 2) 3 Questions For CRYSTAL CLEAR Expectations

Paul Lyngso
(Part 2) 3 Questions For CRYSTAL CLEAR Expectations(Part 2) 3 Questions For CRYSTAL CLEAR Expectations

Last time- we talked about Expectations, how mismanaged expectations can be the source of a ton of frustration, and what we can do to get clear on expectations.

There are 3 Questions to ask ourselves to gain clarity.

Yesterday we covered the first question: “What do I want?”

Gaining clarity on our true desires and really declaring them is step one. Now we have a vision in our heads to move towards.

Today, we cover the second of those 3 Questions:

What do I NEED?

Now that we have a Vision in our head, a place we want to go, we need a strategy to bridge the gap between our current selves and our ideal selves.

Strategy gives us action steps and tactics.

We need to know what step to take NOW, so that each subsequent step can build more and more progress.

Without asking the question “What do I need?” there are two ways I see frustration set in:

1.We skip ahead. In workout terms, this means doing things that are too advanced for our current situation, or not doing the basics because we want to do the sexy stuff we see on youtube or insta.

Sometimes we don’t know that we’re skipping the basics, sometimes we’re being impatient to see progress, and sometimes we’re thinking back to a previous time when we were in great shape. Either way, skipping the foundation is a path to injury, burnout, and no results.

The second way that frustration can set in is more subtle, but wreaks havoc on our psyche...

2. We miss the Big Picture. Trust me…I get it…we all want results YESTERDAY.

And as such we want to push ALL the way down on the gas pedal…NOW.

The issue with this line of thinking is that it assumes that there is a finish line. That we can get from Point A to Point B and then we’re done.

This is a Prime example of the If/Then fallacy. We think “IF…I can see my abs, IF I weigh a certain amount, and IF I can bench press XX pounds, THEN i’ll be happy, satisfied…FINISHED.”

The problem is that we are never satisfied. It’s human nature to seek constant improvement.

The ideal state of being is just that…an ideal…something to strive for…but something that is never really attained.

If we allow ourselves to see the big picture- that we’re always going to be a work in progress- we can then allow ourselves to embrace the dichotomy of being content with where we are, but excited to keep improving.

Now there is no timeline.

No rush to the finish line.

Just a life of constant improvement.

The beauty of knowing what we need is that we can be fully present, embrace the stage that we’re in and at the same time still be EXCITED for what’s next.

In other words…it allows us to actually feel JOY on the journey, rather than a sense of feeling not good enough until “we get there.”

Finding Joy in the process is what we’re all about- we’re here to help you use fitness and nutrition to ADD to the quality of your life.

And if you’re feeling that you’re not enough until you “get there”- then all you’re doing is adding stress, robbing joy, and taking away from your quality of life in the moment.

Much Love,



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